Terms of use

Company: ARTAL Entertainment, s.r.o.
CIN: 06712461
VATIN: CZ06712461
Registered office: U Albrechtova vrchu 1145/16, 155 00 Praha 5
Contact email: [email protected]
Website of company: www.artal.cz

§ 1 General Terms & Conditions

· The User makes a request for conclusion of the agreement on free-of-charge use of the game by registration and subscription to the game; in addition, the User declares that he/she agrees to these General Terms & Conditions by furnishing his/her e-mail address.
· These General Terms & Conditions constitute the base of the Use Agreement. By the login, the User confirms that he/she has familiarized himself/herself with the text.
· Use Agreement shall be valid for an indefinite period of time; the Agreement may be terminated by either party at any time upon written notice, usually via e-mail, without need to meet time limits.
· There is no entitlement of the User to creation of an account and permission to participate in the game or preservation or availability of the game.
· The Operator reserves the right to improve or modify the game at any time or to close down its operation without giving reasons.
· The User expresses the consent to amended General Business Terms and Conditions by repeated game playing or login to the game.

§ 2 Account/Ownership of Virtual Property

· All accounts, including all values, funds, subjects etc. pertaining to them, will constitute virtual property in the game.
· The User will acquire an exclusive right to use his/her account and non-exclusive right to use all other virtual properties.
· Rights of use are limited in time to the period of validity of the Agreement, unless shorter validity is referred to in the game.
· Through rights of use, the User will neither acquire ownership nor other virtual property rights. This shall also apply to virtual property which may be purchased for the real currency in the Item-Shop.
· The User will not be entitled to move his/her account to another game world or another game server.
· The User will make all attempts to give or trade virtual property among different games at his/her own risk and responsibility. The Operator will not provide any support in this context.
· Each game player is responsible for keeping his/her access data secure and is encouraged to choose a secure password.
· The Operator will not be held responsible for any loss of virtual property.
· By registering, you acknowledge that you want to receive occasional e-mails about news on the server and community. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending your unsubscription request to [email protected]
· Unless the mentioned e-mail address is valid, the Operator reserves the right either to block or delete the account. By login to the game, the User expresses his/her consent to be entitled to use such e-mail address.
· The User relieves the Operator of responsibility for any damages arising from specification of e-mail address to the use of which the User is not entitled.
· The Operator reserves the right to delete inactive account upon expiry of the reasonable period of time.

§ 3 Misuse of Errors and Scripting/Cheating

· Measures, entailing frauds or disrupting progress of the game, are prohibited.
· In particular, automatic and semi-automatic scripts, which conduct database queries or actuage game mechanisms, are prohibited.
· In the event of breach, the corresponding account will be deleted or blocked without warning.
· The Operator reserves the right to claim compensation for suffered damages and resulting administrative expenses.
· Each game player is obliged to report found errors in the program to the Operator without delay to [email protected]
· Any person who misuses program error to gain an advantage, or let someone else to gain advantage, must borne in mind blocking of his/her account in the future.

§ 4 Standards of Conduct

· Marketing foreign products, offers, web sites or companies, making references to them and their promotion are prohibited in all forms.
· Texts, created by the User in the game, such as descriptions, names, names and description of guilds, posts on Facebook page, references or messages crossing ethical boundaries, damaging human dignity or infringing applicable law, in particular statutory protection of the youth, as well as the content encouraging to do so and/or references to such content may be amended or deleted by the Operator; corresponding accounts may be blocked or deleted.
· Besides, criminal-law consequences must be considered.
· The Operator does not appropriate texts created by the User or referred to by the User.
· Random checks will be conducted and upon specific notification.
· In the game, it is prohibited to pretend to be another user or support staff, community administrator, Operator etc. or threaten other users with sanctions imposed by such persons.
· In the game, use of skills learned in the guild wars is prohibited outside the game space created for the combat between players. I.e., in particular, use of guild skills for fights between the player and the monster.
· Foreign vulgar descriptions of heroes, texts of guilds and messages displayed in the game may result in blocking or deleting of the account; in the opposite case, compliance with standards of conduct cannot be guaranteed.

§ 5 Enforcement of Standards

· The team, consisting of administrators, game staff and support staff, will be involved in the enforcement of standards.
· All team members may be contacted via the support through the official Facebook account of the game.
· If the User makes an attempt to circumvent decision, made by the competent entity, by contacting another entity with the same issue, his/her account may be thereafter blocked or deleted.
· Complaints will be exempt from this provision, if sent via the relevant function of the support.

§ 6 Personal Data Protection

· To login to the game, data uniquely identifying each user (see GDPR) are collected
· The Operator uses such information in compliance with his Personal Data Protection Declaration and in strict conformity with provisions of applicable law (such as the federal act on personal data protection and act on telemedia).
· Data are stored for additional fair-play control.

§ 7 Expenses

· The game is completely free to play. No automatic expenses incur by login or playing the game itself.
· However, the User has the possibility to buy Dragon coins for consideration. Coins will be assigned to the User account from which they have been requested. Prices are reported after the login to the web site directly in the “User Panel” and the category “Buy Dragon Coins”.
· Proof of “Dragon Coins” virtual currency payment is not generated automatically. The proof can be sent to you at your request within 48 hours from sending of the request for the proof of payment. Send you request for the proof of payment to [email protected]
· In the game, premium currency may serve to use additional content, which includes special objects, time bonuses or other game advantages.
· However, there is no entitlement to availability of defined benefits.
· Dragon coins, required for this content, will always be clearly identified.
· In consideration of the fact that additional content can be used only in case that Dragon coins are available at the user account, unexpected expenses may not incur. Using premium currency, the user acquires non-exclusive right to benefit from the selected advantage, valid only for the specific user account.
· Unless the game refers to the period of validity of this advantage, validity will be limited by the period of validity of this Agreemen
· Each user of the game is entitled to support its development by way of donation; by such decision, the user agrees that his/her donation is voluntary and of his/her free will.
· All rights exceeding limited right to use will remain in the possession of the Operator.
· The Operator offers different payment methods, which the User may discretionary select; for such purpose, the Operator maintains commercial relations with third parties as the providers, for instance with Gopay.
· Partially, these providers conclude their own agreements with the User in the course the payment; in such cases, general terms and conditions of the relevant provider may be applicable.
· If you have any questions, please contact your provider or our customer-support staff.
· The game does not offer the possibility to win money or to be paid in cash in order to protect interests of younger players.
· Therefore, Dragon coins may neither be exchanged for the real currency nor be repaid in such currency.
· Unused units will expire upon termination of the Use Agreement.
· If the User is a minor, by ordering premium currency units he/she expressly confirms that funds to pay for them have been provided to him/her for this specific purpose or for the free use.

§ 8 Complaints Code

· Lodge your complaints to: [email protected]
· Insert ID of the account, to which the complaints refers, into the subject of the complaint, and name of the game. The complaint cannot be accepted unless the e-mail address, used to report the complaint, complies with the e-mail address registered for the specific ID account.
· Purchase of the virtual currency “Dragon coins”, for instance by some document proving the payment, will be necessary to accept defective performance complaint.
· The Purchaser is obliged to report his/her defective performance complaint without undue delay after he/she has found the defect. You can exercise your right to defective performance not later than 24 months from the day of purchase of the virtual currency “Dragon coins”.
· Defective performance complaint will be resolved not later than 30 days from notification of defective performance complaint. E-mail will be sent to inform you about complaint handling process.

§ 9 Withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement

· The Provider will consider purchase of the “Dragon coins” to the game account as used; therefore, the right of withdrawal from the purchase agreement may not be exercised.
· Moreover, the User will not claim another compensation.

§ 10 Out-of-Court Resolution to Consumer Disputes

· In the event of a consumer dispute arising out of the purchase agreement between the Operator and the Consumer or service provision agreement, failed to be resolved by mutual agreement, the Consumer may submit a motion to the subject designated for the out-of-court resolution to consumer disputes to adopt out-of-court resolution, which is:
The Czech Trade Inspection Authority
Central Inspectorate – ADR department
Štěpánská 15
120 00 Prague 2
Email: [email protected]
Website: adr.coi.cz

§ 11 Concluding Provisions

· The Operator shall not be liable for damage suffered in connection with use of the game.
· Assignment of claims of the User against the Provider or third parties is precluded. Likewise, the Provider shall not be liable for any health problems.