Stealing accounts

1.) Unsafe application

Do neither download nor install anything suspicious to your computer. The same goes for websites that offer you any benefits to the game. This is all scam. Do not fill in any personal information! The only verified website for Naria2 is These suspicious programs commonly consist of so-called "keyloger", which is a program built to steal your data and further send them away. If you want to ensure yourself about the unbreakable safety, we recommend you to secure your account by attaching an IP adress. You can secure your account in user panel.

2.) Unique Password

Since there are a lot of servers that do not encrypt passwords, we highly recommend you to use the unique password, that you have not used in any server before. And that is not only the thing of password on servers, you should use the unique password wherever you are supposed to fill in password, particulary social sites like facebook,twitter etc. What you should also be aware of is the fact, that we deal with these cases of theft ONLY in particular situations. So do not rely on us returning your account back to you.

3.) Theft of account using a link

Although we tolerate deals with accounts for real money, you have to realize that this is something we do not encourage and we do not provide any help with that. One of the way to steal your account is convincing you to give away the link for the change of either password or email. Practically you can see, that this kind of link looks approximately like that:
Though the link is encrpyted, you should not give it anyone, because there is a possible threat from loosing your account. That is why you should NEVER give that link to anyone and changes of your personal information should be preformed always in privacy.

4.) Fake team members

Dont forget, the way you recognize the member of our team is the levitating logo "GM". None of the ARTAL Entertainment, s.r.o employee will ever ask you for your personal information. All of the information, the member of Naria2 team needs is easily findable and so there is no reason to ask you for anything like that. If anyone ever try to convince you to give him your personal information, please let us know about it as fast as you can at support service on our Facebook page.

5.) So-called item-cloning

Do not ever give any item of yours to anyone else. All of the offers of upgrading item, duplicating item, making it more valuable is scam in all the cases. Its neccessary to be careful at this point.

In conclusion

These were the most regular ways to steal your account. However it is not possible to place here all of these ways therefore do not forget to always use common sense. We recommend you to use the unique password and the IP security on our web. This feature can be found in user panel.