Our security

ARTAL Entertainment, s.r.o. attaches a very great importance to a security and a privacy, therefore we have collected information about the way we treat game accounts and personal information.

Encrypted passwords

Your paswords, that you fill in when you registrate or log in are encrypted into a hash function using an special algorithm. It is practically impossible to decipher the encrypted password and neither member of Naria2 team have an acces to it.

DDoS Attack

The DDoS attack is a type of attack, that aims to disable a server by flooding a server with many requests. We had to do with this type of attack on our previous projects and we have learnt how to effectively handle them. Normally, our server provider is capable to handle all these attempts but eventual failure of our provider´s system is not a problem either. In these cases there is automatically activated our own system that blocks and IP adress of a possible attacker, who tries to flood the server with more than 15 requests per second.


There is many existing attacks. Other attacks include an effort to find out our password and break through our database or server. For these cases we have our own Firewall system, that blocks all either IP or MAC adresses that are not allowed. Only a limited group of people have an acces to our server and all of these people are bounded by a contract with ARTAL Entertainment, s.r.o.

IP Security

One of the security function we offer you is a possibility to secure your account by attaching IP adresses to your game account. That function provides you a particular safety and nobody else can break through your account. More informations about this function available in "Account Security" on user panel.

Reconstructed game core

Due to the fact, we have implemented many changes inside of our game core, in particulary the safety changes, you can be sure your accounts are not in danger at all. Despite that fact, the most imporant part of an account security depends on players. We are appealing to players to treat their accounts appropriately, in particular while sharing or selling to other poeple. More informations available here Stealing accounts.