Before you go to our support with your problem, we recommend you to read this article. It is very high probability, the answer for your question is below here.

How do I find my password out?
► We cannot give you the password, because we don not have the access to your password either (encrypted). The only thing you can do is to set up the new password on this page.

How can I change the email?
► You can change your email in your user panel on our website.

What am I supposed to do, when I have forgotten the code of the game storage, or the code of deleting the character?
► Both of these codes can be sent to your email in user panel on our website.

What payment methods are supported to buy coins?
► Currently we support: payment card, bank transfer, Gopay account, PaySafeCard, Bitcoin, superCASH. We are planning to implement PayPal method.

I have a problem in game, but Game Master does not respond. What am I supposed to do?
► Game Masters are not duty-bound to provide a support during a problem, because they have to supervise the game. The only platform where the support during your problem is guaranteed is Facebook support on our Facebook page Naria2. Just let us a message if needed, we will contact you in maximally 48 hours.

Could you rename my character?
► We cannot rename your character manually. However, there is an item in Item-Shop, called "Name changer" which renames you instantly, after relog.

How often is server OFF due to maintenance?
► The maintenance of server is held every Wednesday - early morning.